H.L. release paper industry

H.L. release paper industry


HL release paper industry has been in business for more than 35 years. It has had five production lines in Taiwan and Zhuhai Industrial Zone in Mainland China. With the concept of sustainable operation, it implements green product policies, sets up a toluene recovery device, and converts heavy oil to natural gas for improving resource usage. Products have passed SGS testing and certification.


The major products are double-sided tape, foam tape, transfer tape and other types of adhesive tape backing paper, as well as a variety of self-adhesive trademarks, advertising version and special-purpose release paper. Process and formula are specially designed by each project process to meet the different requirement of peeling strength for various paper.


European manufactured Corona technology was not reliable enough to meet the harsh working environment of daily commercial operation in Asia. Overpriced spare part and maintenance cost are also concerned.


H.L. release paper industry has not only low downed the power output of its European manufactured CORONA surface treater but also reduces the production speed to ensure that the quality of the final product can meet the requirements of its customers. This situation led to a drop in the production and efficiency.


In January 2018, H.L. Release Paper Industry installed CHAANG HORNG - CORONA TREATER(MODEL: THH) into its coating lamination line as a replacement for the European manufactured CORONA surface treater.

The new CH’s CORONA surface treating system gave the company the ability to run at speeds 250 meter per minute with higher adhesion and product yield. In December 2019, it installed a SECOND Chang Hong - Corona Treater (Model: THH ) as a replacement for another production line.