As one of the CORONA Treater bases in Taiwan


CHAANG HORNG ELECTRONIC is a leading manufacturer of CORONA & PLASMA systems used to increase the surface adhesion on plastic and metalized dedicated to offering new and better solutions on surface adhesion treatment.
For 30 years, we’ve been the driving force behind technology innovation. We’ve engineered the most versatile series CORONA & PLASMA treating equipment to serve your needs and requirements.
With more than 12,000 installations in the field of film extrusion, printing and converting, we’ve globally offered solutions, solved problems, minimized down time and provided consistent adhesion and improved efficiency for customers.
Founded in 1988 and became a pioneer of corona technology. As a market and technology leader, we have used many customers’ experience to improve on designs utilizing corona and plasma technology and to obtain this technology’s success in the market.
Our CORONA & PLASMA treatment was constantly refined and increased to, always one step ahead of our customers’ demands.


  • User-friendly on operation and solve problem
  • Easy for cleaning and service
  • Simple integration into exist system


  • Operate 24/7 under any conditions
  • Heavy duty machine frame and design for long term use
  • Permanent supply of machine parts replacement
  • Safety design with CE & UL certificate


  • Less cost for the same devices with higher treatment level
  • Avoid flashy design and function
  • Less cost on spare parts and maintenance