CORONA Electrostatic Treater

CORONA Electrostatic Treater

  • Model: CH-CS20KD
  • Input power: AC220~240V / 1 Phase / 3A / 50~60 Hz
  • Output voltage: -20KV
  • Output polarity: Positive & Negative
  • Output frequency: 15~30 KHz
  • Power consumption: 600VA
  • Treating width: 200~3000mm


This CORONA ELECTROSTATIC TREATER is used to turn materials such as melt-blown fabric (face mask sheet),non-woven fabric (non-woven sheet) and polymers into electrets. The equipment includes a high-frequency inverter power supply, special electrodes and rollers. Through the mutual control of these components, the electret material can deeply capture the charge energy, and maintaining the polarization for a long period. This equipment can be used for application such as turning melt-blown fabric, non-woven fabric (non-woven fabric) and air filter into electret. It greatly increases the filtration efficiency of the filter material by capturing tiny particle which is smaller than filter density.

More importantly, this CORONA ELECTROSTATIC TREATER helps melt blown fabric increase 45~65% of filtration efficiency and turns it to the most important layer for medical face mask such as N95, KN95 etc. to reduce infected by corona virus COVID-19.

Note: An electret is a material that almost remains electric polarization permanently and is able to generate an electric field in the surrounding area. The electret strength will last longer when corona electrostatic charges deeply by high voltage and frequency.